Nieuws/News/Nachrichten – 2016

  • December 20th Secret gave birth to 2 males and 5 females, all wavy.
    Mother and pups are doing fine. For puppy pictures and the birth video look at pups heden/present/heute.

  • November 25th was a sad day.
    What was supposed to be sort of a routine visit at the vet turned out to be a disaster.
    Issue was supposed to go for cleaning his teeth as he seemed to be bothered by a sore tooth.
    Once under anesthesia we discovered inoperabel cancer in his jaw and pallet.
    We decided for the better for him and let him go to spare him a painful and unhappy end.
    Rest in peace Issue ! our sweet big black Teddybear.

  • November 17th we made an ultrasound confirming that Secret & Stripper will have puppies around December 20th.
    In October we went to the eye specialist for a CERF with Secret, Sexy, Fashion, Misty, Twister, Clooney and Dreamer
    All 7 got a clear CERF !!

  • September 25th the Beneluxshow in Maastricht was held. Secret became Blx Winner and at the same time this was her 3rd Blx title in a different country, so she also became Blx Champion. Our youngest female Sexy earned the title Blx Junior Winster and also became Blx Junior Champion. Stripper became reserve male.

    Dogshow Zwolle, October 2nd. Fashion got another CAC point.

    Bleiswijk, November 6th, Fashion scored another CAC point.

  • With pain in our hearts we have decided to let our Special, Beautiful once in a lifetime Thunder go.
    Earlier he had suffered a GVS and basically never recovered from this. The always happy, active, energetic dancing boy had suddenly turned into a grandpa constantly stumbling over his own legs. The joy was gone and we spared him suffering worse.
    Goodbye good old friend. We travelled the world with you to show your beauty and shared many victories together.
    Always enjoying the travel and attention.
    Run free, run wild Thunny !!

  • Today we put a new video and pictures on the site of the puppies from Blizard and Mocca.
    All pups are spoken for. 8 of the 13 have left to their new homes this weekend. The pups going abroad have to stay a little longer.
    Enjoy watching !!!

  • Too busy with the puppy visits, but luckily our friends Lidewij en Renee were so kind to take Sexy to the Show in Luxembourg.
    We are very happy with the results: Sexy (American Dancer’s Stage Diver) became Lux Jr. Champion & Benelux Jr. Winner.
    A big thank you for Renee for showing this „crazy“ girl.

  • Vega (American Dancer’s Crowd Surfer) started her showcareer with a bang!
    First time out in a CAC show in Germany.
    Out of junior class she became Best of Breed !!
    Being the breeder we are very proud of Sarah & Vega !
    Big congrats !!

  • This weekend we had puppy visits both days and were extremely lucky with the wetter, so we could sit outside in het puppy play area.
    An exiting weekend as well because the families got to know which puppy would become their new family member.
    Good to see so many happy people ! Enjoy the new video and Jalbum picture album.

  • Thanks to our dogsitters Corina & Corina we could spent the weekend at the European Dog Show (EDS). Lucky for the new puppy owners they also made some pictures that you can find under puppies present. Stripper did an amazing job taking reserve male after winning the intermediate class, beating open and champion class. Our young girl Sexy took 2nd in junior class with older juniors. Secret took 3rd in a very strong champion class. So we are very proud about their results.

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