Nieuws/News/Nachrichten – 2018/2017

  • Today we put new pictures on the website form the litter of Blizzard & Stitch. 6,5 weeks old and free stacking. Enjoy 🙂

  • Today  we put a new puppy video of the puppies of Blizzard & Stitch on our webpage pups-present, enjoy!

  • Today we posted new pictures of Blizzard’s puppies 2 weeks old.

    Also we posted 3 U-tube links with short video’s to help you train your puppy/dog in different situations: puppy biting – house training and getting your toy. Hope you find this helpful.


  • Blizzard & Stitch became proud parents of 9 puppies at januari 3rd.
    More info you can find on puppies present.
    still some places on the waitinglist 🙂

  • Today we posted the Xmas Jalbum of the puppies from Sexy and Dreamer 8 weeks old. Warn the people around you when you start watching because you will make strange noises ..oeh, aaah,     :-))  Enjoy watching and happy Xmas !!!

  • The ultrasound confirmed that Blizzard is carrying puppies from Stitch.
    This will be Blizzards last litter which by the way is a repeat breeding which in the past has given us Clooney and Secret.

  • Saltydawg Fisherman’s Friend (Stripper ) is on show tour with our good friend Katja Rauhut and sofar really succesfull !
    Nov 19: Geneve Best of Breed
    Nov 25: Montenegro Best of Breed
    Nov 26: Montenegro Best of Breed
    Montenegro Champion & Grand Champion
    Dec 2: Karlsruhe Germany Best Of Breed & Sieger Karlsruhe
    Dec 3: Karlsruhe Best of Breed & Alpen Sieger

  • Today we put new puppy pictures on our website, see pups present.

    They all are doing great and mother Sexy is a natural talent !
    Enjoy watching 🙂

  • Last week we went to Leipzig with 3 dogs. The total entry of PWDs was 38 for the German Winner and 85 for the World Show. Although we did not win the dogs did a good job.

    Portuguese Water Dog / World show
    Judge Payro Jose Luis – entry of 85 pwds !!!
    5553 American Dancer’s Superior Excellent 4
    Open males
    5586 Saltydawg Fisherman’s Friend Excellent 4
    5608 American Dancer’s Miss Match Excellent
    Open females
    5615 American Dancer’s Crowd Surfer Excellent (owner Sarah Maas)

    Portuguese Water Dog/ German Winner
    Judge Walsh John Jr – entry of 38 pwds
    4892 American Dancer’s Superior Excellent 2 RES JCAC
    Open males
    4907 Saltydawg Fisherman’s Friend Excellent 3
    4919 American Dancer’s Miss Match Excellent 3
    Open females
    4922 American Dancer’s Crowd Surfer Excellent 4 (owner Sarah Maas)

  • What a big surprise 15 puppies (8 females & 7 males) have been born out of the combi Sexy & Dreamer.
    For further information check the page pups present for pictures and video’s.

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