Puppies Jazz & Stitch

Friday the 13th Jazz & Stitch became proud parents of 13 puppies!
A new American Dancer’s record.

10 males & 3 females, all with a little white markings
7 wavy & 4 curly coats
Very nice weights for a big litter from 282 to 396 grams.
Mum still needs a bit of time to get used to such a big family in her bed.
American Dancer’s Melt my Heart aka Stitch
Health: hips FCI–A / PRA & GM1 & JDCM all clear, IC carrier, Cerf clear 2015
American Dancer’s Mixed Emotions aka Jazz
Health: hips FCI–A / PRA & IC clear, GM1, JDCM clear by parents, CERF clear 2015