Puppies Ice uitgevlogen

Afgelopen weekend zijn alle puppen van Ice naar hun nieuwe baasjes gegaan. We hebben nu de puppen van Secret nog waarvan we een paar mooie standfoto’s gemaakt hebben (Zie /pups-heden)

Mixed Easter emotions

April 9th Secret gave birth to 7 puppies ( 5 boys & 2 girls). At the same time we had our sweet Stitch fighting for his life on IC. Yesterday we had to take the decision to let him go because the Pancreatitus did not get any better and we wanted to save him from further misery. So you can understand mixed emotions…
We made some new videos of the puppies that you can see under pups>present!
Happy Easter..

Puppies Ice & Stunning

On March 25th Ice gave birth to 9 puppies. Unfortunately 1 tiny puppy died after 3 days. 5 females and 3 males. To follow the litter go to pups>present for video’s and pictures.


The last picture series of Turbo’s puppies are now online: see pups present

Good news: the ultrasound confirmed that Magic and Clooney will become proud parents early March.
We updated the puppy planning for 2020 and hopefully later this month we may be able to give you further good news! 🙂

Health results

During 2019 we have done some serious health testing again.
6 dogs have been fully tested for Cardiomyopathy, PRA, GM-1 and Improper Coat.
All dogs are DNA clear except 1 is carrier of PRA.
1 other dogs has been tested for PRA, GM-1 and Improper Coat and all clear.
2 more dogs were tested on Cardiomyopathy and were also clear.

Puppy pictures

We placed a new series of pictures of Choice’s puppies (the final serie) and the first serie of Turbo’s puppies on our site under: pups>present.
Have fun watching 🙂